Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

Reh'ma Community Services

Information and Referral Programs:

Information/Referral services such as nutrition and quick access to medical information such as OHIP and Tele-health Ontario.  Workshops from medical personnel and other health workers are ongoing.  Physical education, organized walks, and “sitting” exercises are some of the activities we undertake.


Language based Services:

RCS provides information to clients in Farsi, Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi, Arabic, and Dari.  Needed assistance and facilitation are given to our clients to fill out government forms, and to accesses services from relevant agencies e.g., rental, understanding a lease, etc. 


 Internships for Students:

Students from the following colleges and Universities do their internship at Reh'ma.


Centennial College

George Brown College

Ryerson University

York University

University of Toronto

To apply for your internship, please send your resume and  cover letter at